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If your hormones are not balanced, chances are that sooner or later, you will encounter health issues such as joint pain, weight gain, fatigue, or low sexual drive.

But there’s good news! There is a proven way to restore the balance of hormones in your body: It’s BioTe Therapy! The specialists at the IntraCare Health Center are experts in BioTe therapy programs for men and women. BioTe therapy tackles hormone-induced problems and restores lost energy, sleep, sex drive, and health. So get back to the very best version of you with BioTe!

Skin Rejuvenation

Looking older than you look? Perhaps the dull/dead skin is causing some sort of hindrance to your personal or professional goals? There could be plenty of reasons why your skin is not aligned with how you feel. And one major underlying cause could be hormonal imbalance. Under our skin rejuvenation service, we offer a necessary range of solutions for you to choose from and look your best. Whether you think your face needs to be enhanced or the skin of your body needs some adjustment – at IntraCare, you’ll find all the skin rejuvenation services you’re looking for.

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Sexual Health / Weight

Eating like you’ve always done but gaining weight rapidly? Do you feel like your libido is crashing? The underlying cause for such problems may be different, so it’s always better to get a consultation. However, it is a possibility that these problems have started appearing because the hormones in your body are not balanced. And BioTE® hormone replacement therapy is one of the best solutions to balance your hormones, restore your libido, and help you reduce weight. At IntraCare, we bring you the best doctors known for high-quality results near you to get your hormones replaced without worrying about a thing.

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Enhanced Hair Reduction

It sure is a tiresome and expensive process to apply wax on your face, get mani-pedi done, and then buying epilators/razors regularly only to remove unwanted hair. Wouldn’t it be great if the hormones causing abnormal growth of hair on your body be treated to solve the problem instead of accepting that there’s a problem? We bring you enhanced hair reduction service, empowering you to solve unwanted hair growth problems once and for all. Leveraging BioTE® hormone replacement therapy, the doctors on our panels offer different solutions under this service line, so you can easily select the right solution for you.

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Enhanced Hair Rejuvenation

Do you long for voluminous, strong, and long hair? Are you unable to make the hairstyle you want because of hair problems? Hair problems are caused by several problems, including improper nutrition intake, a disease, or unbalanced hormones. It is always advised to consult a physician first to identify what’s causing the problem. If you believe the problems to have originated from hormonal imbalance or you want to strengthen/rejuvenate your hair, then you can explore the solutions under our enhanced hair rejuvenation services offered by the best doctors having a great track record in hair rejuvenation.

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